Welcome to Georgia State University’s Office of the Ombudsperson! Our goal is to foster a cohesive sense of community by being an advocate for fair and equitable treatment for faculty, staff and students. We help to:

  • Support individuals’ capacities and responsibilities for making decisions about their lives
  • Foster an environment of mutual respect and cooperation
  • Lend support for developing the use of understanding rather than power as a basis for resolving conflicts and disputes

The Ombudsperson does not advocate for a particular party and cannot assist if you have sought legal counsel. We have access to people, records and services but cannot guarantee an outcome. We will review your complaint, obtain all pertinent facts, be impartial in attempting to resolve the issue, and explain different resolution strategies.

We support effective communication, cooperation, equity, and civility in academic and work environments through coaching individuals, facilitating communication between persons and departments, mediation, providing information on university policy, and where needed, recommending appropriate institutional action or change.

The Ombudsperson is a confidential resource for all persons on campus. Our goal is to advocate, not for a specific individual, but for equity, fair processes, and compliance with university policy and procedure. We act as complaint receivers for persons who believe they have been treated unfairly, coaches to help persons independently resolve difficult situation and as facilitators or mediators in an effort to assist persons in conflict to reach fair resolutions.