Mission and Goals

Support the work of the Board of Regents’ Initiative and Policy Direction on Conflict Resolution to establish networks and systems within higher education which share research and sustain effective problem solving at the lowest possible level.

  • Provide Conflict Resolution practitioners a forum for learning and adding to their “toolboxes.”
  • Provide GODR Continuing Education Credit for registered neutrals!
  • Introduce college students to the CR field and the benefits of acquiring conflict resolution skills.
  • Offer an opportunity for advanced practitioners to meet and mentor new and upcoming CR practitioners.
  • Host a Mock Mediation Tournament for undergraduate “Peacemaking Teams” to showcase their skills.
  • Provide a platform for advanced practitioners to share successes and challenges in their work, and to exchange ideas.
  • Sponsor an Exhibition Hall for local consultants, firms, higher education programs and others to market their services.
  • Networking, Networking, Networking with like-minded professionals!