Our Services

The Ombuds office assists visitors with informal options for resolving campus concerns. These include individual and group facilitation where persons involved in conflict have the opportunity to discuss problems and generate options for resolving the dispute. The Ombudsperson is not a decision maker in this informal process, and the persons involved participate voluntarily. All discussions remain confidential. Other informal options are consultation, coaching, and training and education in the areas of conflict resolution, effective communication, and cultural awareness.

If you have questions/concerns… We can help by…
Now what do I do? Listening to you
I keep getting the runaround! Facilitating to help you reach agreement
I need help! Clarifying policy and procedure
No one seems to listen to me. Facilitating meetings
Something has to be done! Coaching you through conflicts
No one cares! Assisting you in pursing solutions
How can I get this resolved? Recommending action or change
This is unfair! Educating about conflict resolution
Who can change this? Referring you to other resources